Replacement windows phone Maze

replacement windows phone Maze

If your Windows 10 login screen shows an email address today, you are probably logging in with a Microsoft Personal account. MLA Data Center. Eastern Hellbender. You are a saint and you will be the first. Retrieved September 28,

Replacement windows phone Maze -

When I went to Windows 10, this became the login for my home computer. Loooong before that happened I had a Skype account that I used for my non-work friends. During the job hunt process, I let Microsoft create me a business friendly Skype account that matched my Outlook.

Fast forward to now. I am working, and on the work computer is actual outlook with Microsoft exchange email addresses hooked to it as well as Skype for Business. So, I use my outlook. Each day when I log into the computer, I have to log into one or the other of those. And whichever one I log into, it promptly changes the other to match. It is very annoying. It desperately wants them to match. Is there any way to keep it from doing that? So look for workarounds.

First: Skype for Business in a browser? One workaround: use a different browser for one of the services.

Use Chrome for Outlook. Another option is to set up a special shortcut for Chrome that opens it in incognito mode. Then sign in to do it, to no avail. I was just following their direction, and have spent two hours on it. One hour with their text support, and no help. Thanks for this Bruce, You showed great grace and restraint in your analysis of this latest example of far-reaching MS confusion. I found this blog while looking for an answer to a related question: Can Skype for Business coexist with OneNote from a personal Office subscription.

The answer is a firm maybe, if you can get one to install with the other already in use. Any assistance with this little conundrum would be greatly appreciated. Regarding the products you discuss above, Microsoft has clearly not kept pace with the BYOD concept many companies are embracing. I have a company laptop with Office on Windows 7 but I am a remote consultant who has to use his personal OneDrive space for company data.

Cost has been a big factor for companies lagging behind the latest MS products in the past but now it is the vast amount of confusion you point to above that puts IT departments behind the curve.

Such great software and such powerful tools deserve to be managed and guided from a holistic perspective and not in various silos. Microsoft has yet to recognize their company is an ecosystem. I want the advanced BI excel features such as powerpivot that do not come with Office personal. Do I change over from Office personal to Office Pro Plus or just purchase Excel outright since it has those features.

Quite frankly, I try to deal as little with Time Warner as possible. It seems like a lot of hassle to enter the Office business realm; for what at this time would not be a lot of further benefit. Maybe not. My intuition says to just purchase Excel separately and continue using office personal, along with my hotmail account for logging in.

And use my gmail account for business use; which is pretty much how I do it now. You can set up a business Office account right now. So your login to Office might be yourname yourchoice. The license would be associated with that business Office account. This was really helpful. It could have been so easy — I could just have set up a work account and used that.

The myriad of accounts, different login areas et al just mean that I have absolutely no idea what I need to do, or what account I need to use where. If you have to have a write up to explain how it works then it needs to go. Plain and simple. Separate email addresses for work and personal should be mandatory from a security perspective.

Plus, this problem is made worse by the fact that you can register for stuff like azure with your email address, and then later your company adds a corporate account and now you have your stuff under two logins.

Thanks Bruce for a well written and enlightening article. Obviously creating FUD around its products is one of its marketing tools. Bruce: You express the situation—and my frustration—perfectly! Then I will decide individually when to log in to Microsoft business and personal accounts.

Maybe you can cover that in a future article. Dear Bruce, Your information was invaluable to solve my different issues met with my Microsoft account. Having created my Microsoft account with an email address based on my personal domain, I was unable to connect my outlook Windows to my online Office account despite all my efforts. After having read your blog and the last comments, I created an outlook. Like magic. But it was a real nightmare. Thank you again.

Some additional feedback on Onedrive. THat uis even more a mess. There appear to be three types of OneDrive now. THat sound like there are just two, but no, the appearance is different. Also, the upper-right sync client icon is a white cloud, Number 2 has a blue cloud for the sync client in te lower right corner. It appears , equal to number one, as a OneDrive folder in the file explorer. Number three has a blue cloud icon with white lining in the lower right corner for the sync.

In the explorer however, it appears as SharePoint icon, not as a OneDrive icon. Office promises you 1Tb of storage. That is however only the case for number 2. For number three there is a problem: you need to ask you company administrator to change lots of settings to be able to store more that a few Gbytes and more than a few hundred files.

Or else you hit errors. To have album functionality you need to store them on number 1. Which you have to pay for, if you use up more than 5Gb. Still following me? OneDrive is intended to be storage for individuals only. Those files are meant for Sharepoint Team Site Libraries. The OneDrive sync agent is being updated to sync files in Sharepoint team sites.

Hi guys, can someone please help me with this issue. So we have some users in our organization who had their Microsoft personal accounts tied with work email address. We moved to Office in the meantime. Reserved domains I believe are domains reserved for Office tenancies. I should be able to add a login alias to my gmail account or my personal domain name. I have tried to work with Microsoft on this issue and it seems that they are very confused about it. Can someone please assist.

You may be running into something related to that change. Thanks for your response. Microsoft Accounts can no longer be created with Work email addresses. Given that fact, do you have a suggestion for how small-business employees should sign into their Work computers?

My very-small business has computers running Windows 10 Home. Historically, employees have signed into their Work computers using a Microsoft Account created with their Work email address.

Since that is no longer possible, is signing in with a local account now our only option? Thank you in advance for your analysis of the situation. It makes it almost impossible to sort out OneDrive, in particular. You can turn it into a type of work account by adding the name of the business — firstnamelastname. Or just make it their names outlook. But the key is, create the account for them and hand it to them along with their work email credentials. Use it to sign into your computer.

This is your work Office account. Use it for mail. Thanks for this post. It has helped me to understand this a lot better. I have a question about the above statement. I have had a personal subscription to Windows for a couple of years, but now I have it through my company which allows it on my Surface Pro.

Should I just let it run out? How do I link my business license with my personal one? So if I understand you, you could let your personal Office Home license lapse. The programs would work as long as the license comes from your business Office account. And you could still sign into the programs with your personal Microsoft account. My question is somewhat related — I want to use a single instance of Outlook for my personal email and work email. The personal email is not connected to any Microsoft account I like to keep work and personal very separate.

What I do not want is my inbox filling up with work AND personal emails. I assume you mean the Windows desktop version of Outlook. They appear separately in the left column and they are stored in separate places. Each Inbox would be listed separately and would only hold the mail for that account. Now have been granted same at the new one. Somehow MS has linked my old business account to my personal account and does not give me a method to remove it.

Thanks very much for this very informative post. This is really messy. My friend has a small business and his outlook email stopped coming to his iPad but it still comes to his iPhone. I am desperately trying to sort this out to understand how best to help …. On the iPad, get a fresh start.

Very Good Article And when you talk about giving access to external user in your office organization it becomes a real nightmare! Stumbled across this — excellent — well written — very informative — many thanks. Come on Microsoft — pull your socks up! The problem is that Microsoft automatically creates the personal account and then blames the user, saying the user created it. We set up and added only 1 user in the admin panel!

Noone understands why and there are a lot of smart people here. Ivy league schools, engineering degrees, etc. The question is why does Microsoft always make completely ridiculous and actually offending decisions like this. I am not happy about someone created an account behind my back like this. As the CTO of my company i even cancelled our Azure services losing MS thousands of dollars a month because it was so bad trying to use Azure portal and no support person could help.

As we are a. It has to be a personal account. I wish Microsoft would allow this. If I configure and access my outlook. If so then I take it that it would be better just to access my outlook. No worries. I had everything straight until very recently, Microsoft changed something. I have a personal account and a work account both using the same email address.

It had never been a problem before because the sign in processes would ask for my email first, and then ask me if I was signing into my personal or work account. Recently the sign in process across several products stopped asking the personal-or-work question and seems to assume I want to use work.

I do most of my documentation and sharing out of the personal variant. I had to do that for years because it was the only way to get past that problem.

The only good long-term answer is to change the personal account to an outlook. A brilliant article and I totally understand the main idea, but there is still one thing that puzzles me. Take a look at your inbox in each one. Please have a Nobel prize for this, although I wish you had in fact indulged in some editorializing on the mess this all is.

This account confusion is the single reason I have not switched from Evernote to OneNote. Also, I only set up the live. So I was forced to create a live. Ironically, I actually did have a live. Looong story short, I now have two live. Certainly it could be an issue in my case.

I only have a PhD in computing science, and my practical experience is a mere 25 years in hardware engineering, and some of that was chip design which has nothing to do with logins. Sorry Microsoft, mea culpa…. I busted out laughing as I read through that. Thanks for stopping by! An amazing mess indeed. It appears that Microsoft will no longer let a user with an existing work account create a personal account using their work email address.

I assume this is in an attempt to reduce some of the confusion you describe above. This seems to be a change that has just taken place in the last week or two. Do you have any info on this? Looks like you found my article about the change. Maybe this will slowly start to improve! Very well researched, and clearly explained, thank you. I think this is the key, I seem to have both personal and work accounts under the same email address, the other user does not. Do you know where to go to create a Microsoft personal account using an email address that exists in an Office business environment?

I tried account. As of a couple of weeks ago, Microsoft is blocking the creation of a Microsoft account with an Office work address. Something else is keeping you from getting into the Visual Studio site. Hi, can anyone help me with this one…. We use Office throughout the company but we downloaded OneNote and installed it on some of our company computers. However one of the users cannot log into OneNote with his company e-mail address but he can log into OneNote on his mobile and using the web browser version as opposed to the desktop application.

No idea. The same account should be able to connect OneNote to notebooks stored in OneDrive from any device. See if that helps move things forward. Thanks so much for the article. Well write.

Thank you. May be you coud add in a future release services and stuff that differt one from other. Like using the Windows Store need the personal one. So if I want the email software in my Windows 10 tablet I need a personal account, whatever email I need in that software Office Business for exemple. Worst company? There are way too many other contenders. Microsoft is like family to me — its faults make me despair sometimes but I still love them.

Be nice if MS let you customise the look of all these online services. For example have a red title bar for personal stuff and purple title bar for work stuff.

Would then be much easier for identifying which service you had connected to. Its totally screwed up. I have Microsoft Home, with the 5 installs I share with my family. I also use Microsoft office not online through my day job with a large corporation.

Mostly I have gotten everything working through my small business plan. As long as I stick to this its smooth. I have Outlook mailboxes connecting to all of these. More critically, for some reason my daughter in college has had nothing but trouble trying to use my personal account on her Mac. So I just activated her office with my credentials. First- logging into my personal account was very tricky.

No big deal. But now, login. But if I just go to live. Once this login expires, I hope I will be able to access it. In the past I was able to log into any of the accounts through login.

On live. I deleted some of the activations to make sure she can activate her Office installation. I also had it re-send the invite to her email address. This is just stupid. What a mess! It gets even more complicated with family members on the subscriptions.

That will let you open the sites and try different logins from scratch to see what works. Very helpful. Sync all the personal OneDrive files to the computer. Then copy or move them on the computer to the business OneDrive folder and wait for them to sync back online. This is required reading for anyone that needs de-fogging on this subject… which is pretty much everyone. Thanks for taking the time to formulate and share this info in such a clear and well thought out manner.

I really like the idea of seeing the two accounts as being managed by two separate companies. That works for me and now my brain hurts less. Nice work! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

If you have an Outlook. The overlap between Microsoft work and personal services Your mental picture, then, should be that Microsoft Work is a company on one side of Seattle and Microsoft Personal is a different company on the other side of Seattle.

I know, I know. Hang on, it gets worse. If you log in with your Microsoft Personal account, you will see files in OneDrive. So far, so good. This is what OneDrive looks like when you log in with a Microsoft Personal account. Using Skype Skype is the familiar service for video and audio communication. Connect Windows 10 to both work and personal accounts Most of you have Windows 10 connected to your Microsoft Personal account. A final note Confused? Alex Koch on June 8, at pm.

Erich on March 18, at am. You are soo cool, Bruce! It must have taken years for you to figure this out. Al Quaeda on February 5, at am. Gwyneth Llewelyn on August 31, at am. Bruce Berls on September 1, at am. Kevin Kohler on November 16, at am. Bruce Berls on November 16, at pm. Bill Pennock on August 5, at am. Paul Doherty on July 15, at pm. Great article. Not to mention the confusion caused by Teams itself — for example, is it free or not?

Ted H Miller on June 30, at am. Gres W King on June 28, at pm. Thomas Stack on August 13, at am. Angie on September 10, at pm. LOL Reply. Jim McGhee on June 11, at pm. Fantastic article. Thanks Reply. Eugene Kerner on May 31, at pm. HAHA Mae!! Especially when each account has the same email and phone associated and still MS cant work out who I am Reply. Helen Simmons on May 19, at am. Ian Edwards on May 7, at am. Troy on April 7, at am.

My Microsoft has the wrong hhtl address how do I do a reset and so it corrects itself Reply. I believe this is one of the most significant information for me. Good job, cheers Reply. IT tried uninstalling and reinstalling my office but same issue. Kiel on February 27, at am. Bruce Berls on February 27, at am. Matt Heck on November 30, at pm. Bruce Berls on November 30, at pm.

Johan van Lierop on September 23, at am. Thanks again. Bruce Berls on September 23, at am. Thanks, Bruce, that explains a very frustrating time wondering where settings that had been there but now not there had gone and why so many examples and instructions simply did not match what came up in Win 10 Reply.

DBJ on August 4, at am. They will receive email with link to shares and they can open them folders and files, but they can not edit them… Reply. Ariel on July 23, at pm. Bruce Berls on July 24, at am. Al on July 1, at am. Hello Bruce! Bruce Berls on July 2, at am.

Bruce Berls on June 24, at am. Howard on June 9, at am. Bruce Berls on June 9, at pm. Hi, Can I connect Windows 10 Home to both work and personal accounts? Bruce Berls on May 9, at pm. Bruce Berls on May 5, at pm. Initiating the camera while driving will instantly stop the car — the player can leave the phone open to the "Camera" menu option, and then press on PlayStation 3 or on Xbox when they want to stop.

This is presumably a bug, and was fixed in the PC version — activating the phone camera while driving on PC will merely change the game camera to the "hood cam" perspective, and activate the phone camera as normal. As this exploit requires a camera function, it can only be performed once the player has acquired the second model of phone.

If the player pulls out the phone while passing through a tollbooth, the toll can be payed without stopping the car completely, as long the player slows down the speed of the vehicle. In the PS3 version, an additional option is available in the phone. In the PC version, the Video Editor is an option in the phone.

In both versions, the game will exit out of gameplay, but unsaved progress won't be lost, and once the player leaves SIXAXIS or the Video Editor, the player will then be teleported to the nearest safehouse.

Rockstar made these changes because of the criticism fans made about there not being enough to do when you're not doing a story mission and since a lot of it was hidden on the phone, they've taken that and moved it onto the map. Rockstar also said that even though it may lose some "functionality", it will gain new features as well. Rockstar described it as being a contemporary phone, with Dan Houser saying that the player will use it for things like "accessing the internet", much like a smartphone.

During the main storyline, Michael owns an iFruit 9iX smartphone. However, he can be seen 9 years earlier with a a different mobile phone , during the mission Prologue. Even though this is not a touch-screen phone, Michael will operate it as such if the player uses first-person perspective.

On the other hand, Trevor carries a Facade smartphone, and Franklin a Badger smartphone. Their phones are also suited to their real-life counterpart typical users: Samsung phones are favored by youngsters, while iPhone is favored by wealthy people and Nokia has a reputation of surviving harsh conditions much like Trevor's lifestyle, and is known to be one the most durable phones out there in the enhanced version, Trevor's phone has a crack on the screen, further referencing his reckless and violent way of life.

The software of the three platforms, however, is mostly based on iOS , and aside from aesthetics in-game all three phones function in the exact same way. Unlike in previous games, contacts are not removed from phones - this means that the numbers for deceased characters remain in the player's contact lists long after their deaths.

They can also use the phone to contact several other features present in the multiplayer. The player themself will only see the shadow of their character holding the phone if it's sunny enough, their arm extending to the phone in selfie mode, and putting it away after exiting Snapmatic.

This was done so that they can still use weapons in self defence while on the mobile phone. GTA Wiki Explore. The Games. The Vehicles.

Community Noticeboard About Staff Promotion. Media Trivia Talk page rules Blocking. In general, under state law, school attendance in Pennsylvania is mandatory for a child from the age of 8 until the age of 17, or until graduation from an accredited high school, whichever is earlier. Among residents age 25 and over, The following are the four-year graduation rates for students completing high school in [].

Additionally, In , Pennsylvania ranked 14th in mathematics, 12th in reading, and 10th in writing for 8th grade students. In , the Pennsylvania General Assembly passed Act , which allows parents or guardians to homeschool their children as an option for compulsory school attendance.

This law specifies the requirements and responsibilities of the parents and the school district where the family lives. West Chester University has by far the largest student body of the 14 universities.

The Commonwealth System of Higher Education is an organizing body of the four state-related schools in Pennsylvania; these schools Pennsylvania State University , Lincoln University , the University of Pittsburgh , and Temple University are independent institutions that receive some state funding.

There are also 15 publicly funded two-year community colleges and technical schools that are separate from the PASSHE system. Additionally, there are many private two- and four-year technical schools , colleges, and universities.

Carnegie Mellon University , The Pennsylvania State University , the University of Pennsylvania , and the University of Pittsburgh are members of the Association of American Universities , an invitation-only organization of leading research universities. Lehigh University is a private research university located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The University of Pennsylvania, located in Philadelphia, is considered the first university in the United States and established the country's first medical school.

The University of Pennsylvania is also the Commonwealth's only, and geographically most southern, Ivy League school. Pennsylvania is home to the nation's first zoo, the Philadelphia Zoo. The Commonwealth boasts some of the finest museums in the country, including the Carnegie Museums in Pittsburgh, the Philadelphia Museum of Art , and several others.

One unique museum is the Houdini Museum in Scranton, the only building in the world devoted to the legendary magician. All state parks in Pennsylvania feature free admission.

Pennsylvania also is home to the largest indoor waterpark resort on the East Coast, Splash Lagoon in Erie. There are also notable music festivals that take place in Pennsylvania. There are nearly one million licensed hunters in Pennsylvania. Whitetail deer, black bear, cottontail rabbits, squirrel, turkey, and grouse are common game species. Pennsylvania is considered one of the finest wild turkey hunting states in the Union, alongside Texas and Alabama.

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Another major east—west route is Interstate 80 , which runs primarily in the northern tier of the state from Ohio to New Jersey at the Delaware Water Gap. Interstate 90 travels the relatively short distance between Ohio and New York through Erie County , in the extreme northwestern part of the state.

All but 20 miles 32 km of I is the Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, while the highway south of the mainline of the Pennsylvania Turnpike is officially called the "Veterans Memorial Highway", but is commonly referred to by locals as the "Blue Route". The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority SEPTA is the sixth-largest transit agency in the United States and operates the commuter , heavy and light rail transit, and transit bus service in the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

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A total of public-use airports are located in the state. Soccer is gaining popularity within the state as well. Open Cup annually. However, Penn FC formally Harrisburg City Islanders used to be one of these teams before they announced they'd be on hiatus in ; although they would be returning for the season.

Arnold Palmer , one of the 20th century's most notable pro golfers, comes from Latrobe , while Jim Furyk , a current PGA member, grew up near in Lancaster. High Point Raceway is located in Mt. College football is popular in Pennsylvania. Penn State plays its home games in the second-largest stadium in the United States, Beaver Stadium , which seats ,, and is currently led by head coach James Franklin.

The University of Pittsburgh Panthers claims nine national championships , , , , , , , and and has played eight undefeated seasons , , , , , , and Other Pennsylvania schools that have won national titles in football include Lafayette College , Villanova University FCS , the University of Pennsylvania , , and [] and Washington and Jefferson College College basketball is also popular in the state, especially in the Philadelphia area where five universities, collectively termed the Big Five , have a rich tradition in NCAA Division I basketball.

National titles in college basketball have been won by La Salle University , Temple University , University of Pennsylvania and , University of Pittsburgh and , and Villanova University , , and Author Sharon Hernes Silverman calls Pennsylvania the snack food capital of the world. Two of the three companies that define the U.

The U. Auntie Anne's Pretzels began as a market-stand in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, and now has corporate headquarters in Lancaster City. Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc. Among the regional foods associated with Philadelphia are cheesesteaks , hoagie, soft pretzels , Italian water ice , Irish potato candy , scrapple , Tastykake , and strombolis.

In Pittsburgh, tomato ketchup was improved by Henry John Heinz from to the early 20th century. Famous to a lesser extent than Heinz ketchup is the Pittsburgh's Primanti Brothers Restaurant sandwiches, pierogies , and city chicken. Outside of Scranton , in Old Forge there are dozens of Italian restaurants specializing in pizza made unique by thick, light crust and American cheese.

Erie also has its share of unique foods, including Greek sauce and sponge candy. Sauerkraut along with pork and mashed potatoes is a common meal on New Year's Day in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has been known as the Keystone State since , [] based in part upon its central location among the original Thirteen Colonies forming the United States, and also in part because of the number of important American documents signed in the state such as the Declaration of Independence.

It was also a keystone state economically, having both the industry common to the North making such wares as Conestoga wagons and rifles [] [] and the agriculture common to the South producing feed, fiber, food, and tobacco. Another one of Pennsylvania's nicknames is the Quaker State ; in colonial times, it was known officially as the Quaker Province , [] in recognition of Quaker [] William Penn 's First Frame of Government [] constitution for Pennsylvania that guaranteed liberty of conscience.

He knew of the hostility [] Quakers faced when they opposed religious ritual, taking oaths, violence, war and military service, and what they viewed as ostentatious frippery. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 19 June State of the United States of America. This article is about the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. For other uses, see Pennsylvania disambiguation. State in the United States. Keystone State; [1] Quaker State.

Mount Davis [2] [3]. Delaware River at Delaware border [2]. Flag of Pennsylvania. Main article: History of Pennsylvania. See also: List of Pennsylvania firsts and List of people from Pennsylvania. This section needs expansion.

You can help by adding to it. June Further information: Geography of Pennsylvania and List of counties in Pennsylvania. Main article: Climate of Pennsylvania. See also: List of counties in Pennsylvania , List of cities in Pennsylvania , List of towns and boroughs in Pennsylvania , List of townships in Pennsylvania , List of county seats in Pennsylvania by population , List of census-designated places in Pennsylvania , and List of populated places in Pennsylvania.

See also: List of municipalities in Pennsylvania. Largest cities or towns in Pennsylvania Source: [82]. Further information: List of people from Pennsylvania. Main article: Pennsylvania German language. Religion in Pennsylvania [] religion percent Protestant. It has been suggested that this section be split out into another article titled Economy of Pennsylvania. Discuss September See also: List of Pennsylvania counties by per capita income. Main article: Agriculture in Pennsylvania.

Main article: Gambling in Pennsylvania. John Fetterman D 34th Lt. Governor Since January 15, Main article: Government of Pennsylvania. See also: Commonwealth U. Main article: List of Governors of Pennsylvania. See also: List of Pennsylvania state agencies. Main article: Pennsylvania General Assembly. Main article: Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania. Main article: Politics of Pennsylvania. Main article: Pennsylvania's congressional districts. Main article: Education in Pennsylvania.

See also: List of colleges and universities in Pennsylvania. See also: List of airports in Pennsylvania , List of public transit authorities in Pennsylvania , and List of Pennsylvania railroads.

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This charter, granted by Charles II England to William Penn, constituted him and his heirs proprietors of the province, which, in honor of his father, Admiral William Penn , whose cash advances and services were thus requited, was called Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Society of Colonial Governors, Volume 1. Measuring Worth. Archived from the original on July 14, Retrieved July 31, March 28, Archived from the original on May 24, Archived from the original on February 22, Retrieved September 16, This day, my country was confirmed to me under the great seal of England, with privileges, by the name of Pennsylvania, a name the King would give it in honor of my father.

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United States Census Bureau. Archived from the original XLS on July 9, Retrieved July 4, Pennsylvania Populations. January 10, Archived from the original on January 11, Retrieved February 13,

Among the regional mazes associated with Philadelphia are cheesesteakshoagie, soft pretzelsItalian water iceIrish potato candyscrappleTastykakeand strombolis. Wineows Berls on June 22, at pm. This is why phone replacement to use their products. A valuable article. That can be a windows timesaver! For example have a red title bar for personal stuff and purple title bar for work stuff. Bruce Berls on April 1, pohne am.

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