Repair the phone screen xiaomi

repair the phone screen xiaomi

Santosk March 14, at am Redmi note 6 pro screen replacement cost in kolkata? Recommended repair kit. Xiaomi Mi A1. Huawei Watch Repair. MS Surface Phone. I considered buying a new phone in order to avoid being "phoneless" for a week but decided to complete a google search and find a place that can fix my cell at a reasonable price and within a reasonable amount of time. Troubleshooting Phone Problems.

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Xiaomi Mi 9T Screen Replacement

With SOSav, it's over! Our technicians share with you all their know-how through this illustrated and commented repair guide. We show you how to replace your Xiaomi Mi 9 screen yourself through detailed steps. We are here to support you throughout your phone repair.

You will see that it is not so difficult unlike urban legends. Why replace my Xiaomi Mi 9 screen myself? First of all for an economic reason! You will not have the labor of a professional repairer or the after-sales service manufacturer since breakage is not generally covered by the warranty. Let's not even talk about the cost difference between a screen change and the purchase of a new smartphone!

But changing your Xiaomi Mi 9 screen is also part of an ecological approach! You prefer phone repair rather than buying a new device. Repairing instead of throwing away a mobile that is still functional means not falling into the vicious cycle of planned obsolescence. You thus limit your CO2 impact and you also have repair reflexes for all everyday objects!

Before changing your Xiaomi Mi 9 screen, it is advisable to make a full backup of your data as a precaution. Before changing your Xiaomi Mi 9 screen, please turn off the phone for obvious security reasons. Insert the SIM extractor present in your phone box or in our tool kit into the small hole in the SIM drawer at the top of the left edge. Then introduce the iSesamo spatula in the bottom right corner to create an opening. Then take the relay with a plastic card or pick, softer!

With the tip of the nylon spudger, disconnect the left interconnect cable on the motherboard side. Then disconnect the front camera and remove it: using the nylon spudger or gently pulling on the protective film with the flat nose pliers.

Peel off and pull on each of the two stickers holding the battery in order to remove them completely. If the battery stickers are broken, heat the front side opposite the battery for a few moments to soften its glue. Then gradually slide a large and flat spatula to extract it.

Our goal is to make repairing accessible to all. Our team introduces you Captain Repair, an on-site repair service. The good point about it is that you can have the repair done at home, at work or at a coffee shop! All rights reserved to SOSav. Skip to content. Please share via.

What is the Xiaomi mobile's Redmi screen replacement cost? Geeta September 17, at pm I need doorstep service for Redmi note 6 screen replacement in Mumbai.. Abdul September 16, at pm Do you have screen replacement for redmi note 8 pro in Hyderabad? Raju September 14, at pm I need Redmi note 4 screen replacement in Surat.. Arun September 2, at pm Do you provide Redmi note 6 pro screen replacement in surat? Neetu August 26, at am What is the cost of Redmi note 7 screen repair in surat?

Raghu August 25, at pm Please share the cost of redmi note 5 pro screen replacement in bangalore? Chirag July 16, at pm Do you provide redmi note 5 pro screen glass replacement in Ahmedabad or Hyderabad? Where is your mobile repair shop near me? Chandini May 5, at pm what is the cost of redmi note 6 pro screen replacement in bangalore?

Please send me the address. Tkmuana March 20, at pm I broke my Xiaomi Redmi note 2 lcd touch screen…need replacement.. Santosk March 14, at am Redmi note 6 pro screen replacement cost in kolkata? MI A1 screen repair cost? Joshu March 6, at am My black screen is cracked. Mayank February 26, at pm Do you have service center in Ahmedabad for my redmi note 6 pro screen replacement? J Reddy February 20, at pm Screen glass of my Redmi Note 5 Pro is shattered with scratches but touch screen is working properly.

Abha February 5, at pm Can you suggest me Redmi note 4 screen replacement cost in Bhopal? You Recovered 3 Yrs of Memories. A Cut Above!

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Xiaomi Mi 4. Data Recovery. Water Damage. Logic Board. Not Turning On. SIM Reader Repair. Screen 30 - 50 Minutes. Charging Port 40 - 50 Minutes. Battery Replacement 30 - 40 Minutes.

Headphone Jack 30 - 50 Minutes. Cameras 30 - 40 Minutes. Power Button 40 - 50 Minutes. Speakers 40 - 50 Minutes.

Microphone 40 - 50 Minutes. Housing 40 - 50 Minutes. WiFi 40 - 50 Minutes. Bluetooth 30 - 40 Minutes. Cellular Antenna 30 - 40 Minutes. Home Button 20 - 30 Minutes. Proximity Sensor 20 - 30 Minutes. Volume Button 40 - 50 Minutes. Why Choose Us. More Reviews. Why Trust Us. Having difficulty finding a solution? Love us. Hate us. Redmi 5.

repair the phone screen xiaomi


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