Promotion ios app

promotion ios app

A good promo video will increase your awareness and heat up the interest to your product. Create a new website with a relevant domain name and SEO optimized keywords. There are several ways of utilizing Give Aways and Competitions to increase downloads. So getting a personal advertising account at Epom automatically opens access to hundreds of active apps. We drive installs and reviews in order to deliver your mobile app to the top spot on the current market.

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CodeNgo : By filling a form, your app gets distributed to more than 30 stores. AppBrain : It was founded in Your app is displayed via search, categories, and rankings. It has more than 1 million apps. AppsLib : It has approximately 40, Android-tablet-specific apps.

Aptoide : Now, it has k stores and over , apps. Appszoom : You can see the apps used by your friends and experts you follow. Mobogenie : It offers not only apps but also wallpapers and ringtones. Cydia : It offers both free and paid apps reaching 4,5 million users weekly.

Besides Google Play and App Store which are the main Android and iOS store, there are several options that give you a chance to add your app either Android or iOS and boost your downloads. GetJar : It has more than 2 billion apps and , developers. Founded in , it claims to reach over million app users. It provides , apps and games for 6, different mobile phone formats being distributed to countries.

Kongregate : It focuses on video games reaching over 6 million mobile and desktop gamers. Mobango : It is an app store as well as a sharing zone of photos, ringtones, and videos. Appland : It is both app store and app-store manager. Mobile9 : It offers apps as well as ringtones and wallpapers. As well as creating a page in social channels, it is beneficial to join and create online communities. It is time to listen to pains and solve them.

It is a good way to demonstrate you are here for problem-solving, not to spam. LinkedIn Groups Facebook Groups Reddit : It offers the latest digital trends and news by gathering individuals and communities in the same zone. Quora : It is an interactive platform that you can ask and answer any question, publish a post, ask specific person anything.

That is, you can create your own community. Forums: Search for forums related to your business and try to be active. After joining them, your next responsibility is to be active. Actively answer questions and engage with others. Therefore, you can give links to your app as well as talk about daily things and give advice about things not related to your app.

It is another good way to promote your app for free. You can find niche websites in accordance with your app and ask for writing a guest post. There are many blogs that would accept you as a guest writer. You can view this list prepared by izideo to get inspired. They should be given enough time to prepare and potentially organize an interview with you.

It is important to spread the buzz about your app before it is about to get launched. Close to your App launch, connect with bloggers and journalists who have an interest in writing about things related to your app and ask if they would be interested in giving feedback or reviewing it.

Your local press can often provide a stepping stone to getting picked up by bigger fish and is also easier to come by. You can even sponsor TV and radio programs and highlight the important features of your app in relevant shows. Search for media companies and press in your local area and try contacting the business or technology and request to send them a Press Kit about your App Launch.

Local newspapers and magazines can also provide you with affordable ad space so do some research on who your local publications are. Or a Fashion Magazine who would be interested in writing a story about your new Retail App? You can do the same for Radio Stations and Regional Press too.

If they fail to cover your product at first, reach out once more after your launch with download statistics and customer testimonials. Join online forums and groups that are likely to be interested in your product. Remember, though, before you start plugging away and promoting your own product, be sure to introduce yourself to the community gently. It did this to create a sense of exclusivity and also to create buzz. By capitalizing on word-of-mouth app promotion, Spotify was able to stand out in a landscape that companies like Rhapsody had been occupying for years.

With any new app, promoting it across all of your online channels is the first pit stop and ensures that your app is a new addition to your overall brand experience. Synchronization of blog posts, banners and PR gives maximum exposure to your app. These also bring in attention prior to launching the app and ensures there is a consistent message across your important online channels.

The first place you should start off with is your website. Your App should have a prominent place on your homepage and with emotive CTAs Call-To-Actions and incentives to attract your regular customers to download it.

The main purpose should be to redirect your customers or potential users to the App Stores so users can download it easily so include links to each App Store. You could also include a QR code so desktop users can quickly download by scanning instead of having to type in a long address or search for it. For more in-depth app promotional pages you could also describe all the benefits and features of the app in detail and well as drive across the main incentive for downloading your App with clear CTAs.

One clever trick you can use to increase downloads is to take advantage of this by promoting visits to your website via mobile to download your App.

These banners encourage the user to download your App without being intrusive or negatively impacting their user experience… remember those annoying full-screen pop-ups? Update your social media channels with banners that promote your new app. Some social media sites like Facebook also allow you to create CTAs that you can use to encourage people to download your app. Go through each of your social channels and ask yourself: is it clear that you have an App from first glance?

Send an email to your existing customers when pre and post-launch. When sending your email pre-launch try to create hype or excitement about downloading your app. If you have a brick and mortar store, then this section is a must! You can quickly increase downloads by promoting your App in your store to your customers and passing traffic. Wired Cafe Bar did this by creating awesome business cards that are left on every table.

You can also add QR codes on your business cards, that way everyone that gets a business card will have a direct link to download your app. Make sure that your customers are well aware of your App features and why they need it on their smartphones. Are they willing to download it? Are they eager to spend more than 30 seconds playing around with it? An app with original design has an extensively better probability of making it big. Early adopters of your App are more likely to become your brand ambassadors.

Referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations have worked as tested methods to boost your business. People are prone to trust reviews and believe recommendations from other human beings. This has proved to be one of the most effective App promotion strategies.

Get your brand ambassadors talking by providing them with a memorable App experience and attractive incentives for doing so. There are several ways of utilizing Give Aways and Competitions to increase downloads. Often instead of spending money on ads and promotions, you can encourage viral sharing by offering a prize for sharing a post, signing up to a newsletter or liking a page. To help boost engagement include an engaging photo of your new app and the prize, or a video.

In case of a business app, make polite requests to your customers and ask them to share your news and updates about your app — most will be happy to do it. These recommendations and referrals are based on real people and real-time experiences.

Be courteous and encourage people to share your App and to reward them offer a small incentive for doing so. However, explaining the benefits of what your app offers will ignite interest.

People are motivated when they get incentives for a download. Will your app improve the shopping experience of your customers? Is it a game that is highly addictive or competitive?

For customers who find it difficult to make it to your brick-and-mortar store will surely download your app for quick shopping while lying on their couches. With just a few taps they can look for an item, shop through your app as well as pay online. You can incentivize your customers by giving them rewards and discounts for shopping through your app. By including a mobile stamp card for your customers for earning rewards on products they purchase from you, or services they book, your customers know they are getting something in reward.

Offer in-App coupons that can be redeemed in-store for getting discounts and rewards from your business. Whether you have a public service business or a restaurant, coupons are always appreciated by mobile users.

Keep adding new coupons when old ones expire for maintaining the enthusiasm of your users. This will compel them to keep coming back for more. With mobile engagement becoming more important to retailers, it comes as no surprise that coupons are becoming the top priority for mobile apps.

Evidently, online app promotion is nothing without social media. Advertising and promoting your App now and then on social media is great. However, this is just short-lived. For yielding the maximum results, there is a consistent need to produce and create a steady social app promotion policy.

When you push your app out to your followers consistently, it becomes a core characteristic of your business. Some other important ideas for online app promotion through social media could be to integrate your App into your overall page branding like your Twitter Header Image or your Facebook Cover Photo.

Be creative with the types of content you use to promote your app and try using a mixture of video, images, promotional offers or testimonials and always remember to include a link to the download page. Varying your content will help keep customers interested, engaged and increase your downloads. Moreover, social word of mouth is one of the best ways to boom your customer base. Invest some time in social sharing so users can flaunt what they have just accomplished.

For all those who can afford it and have the finances for it, then Facebook App Install Ads can work wonders for acquiring thousands of downloads. Through Paid Installs you can customize each ad and target specific groups of customers and users.

As with Facebook, Twitter is another great platform for boosting your outreach by paying for sponsored App Installs.

Just be aware that users are often very cautious of sponsored posts, so make sure you spend time building your targetted audience so your app is relevant. With over 1 billion users, Facebook has managed to cover a diverse range of markets and industries. You can quickly start to get extensive coverage by joining several Facebook groups belonging to the niche that is relevant to your app. These groups if chosen correctly are jam-packed with people who are potential users and can also participate in thought-provoking discussions highlighting the benefits of using your App and why they should download it.

Do you know that around 1 billion videos are watched on Facebook every day? As users are only able to glimpse at a few screenshots of your App on the App stores, it makes it pretty difficult to truly decipher what the app features really do. Undoubtedly, videos are the best way to visually communicate how great your App is.

Along with Facebook, make it available on YouTube, Vimeo or anywhere it gets promoted! It is better to use a variety of video channels for your video to spread it to the masses. Using video to enhance your competitions is a sure-fire way to increase engagement and your downloads! Your number-one fans should be nobody but your customers. This reason enough should compel you to discover the language and style of your users.

This will enhance their user experience and happy users will recommend their social networks to use it as well.

We reached up to x7 organic traffic stats and whole ios engagement increased too! We drive installs and reviews in order to deliver your mobile app to the top app on the current market. Submitting to review sites will provide your app with some promotion publicity, and if your app is really good, these sites will also help you get noticed in the app industry. Wired Cafe Bar did this by creating awesome business cards that are left on every table. It has nothing to do with the miraculous overnight successes, but app be ios handy long-term strategy framework for your app promotion.

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Promotion ios App

The average amount of apps used daily floats between 9 and Choose the right app store When your promotional strategy is ready, make the next step and add your app to the different app stores. Usually app developers start with Google Play and Apple stores.

Notice that along with unlocking access to millions of Android and Apple devices you will have to stand out from 3. Check out this list of worthy alternatives to Google Play and App Store: here are over app store environments which distribute apps in different countries and niches. Trying out Amazon Appstore , GetJar , Appolicious , or any other related platform might bring very good results for your marketing campaign.

Follow this detailed step-by-step guide and fulfill your app store submit form correctly. Seeking for more good tips on app promotion?

Join Ad Summit , meet top-notch advertising experts in person, immerse into vibrant networking and learn how to grow your app. Keywords optimization Keywords play a crucial role if you want to make your app easy to find after the most relevant search requests. Devote enough time to adding best-targeted and related keywords to your app profile. Tagging dozens of slightly related words is a superfluous work. Useful services: SearchMan for gathering and search of the best applicable keywords.

Eye-catching profile App description is really important in terms of app store optimization and user experience. Tell the app store visitors what your app is about and highlight its main capabilities.

The same approach should be applied to the icon design. Try to make it simple, memorable and stylish. Think about Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest icons, simple and attractive at the same time. Dashing screenshots will also be a strong point for your profile. Users are more likely to install an app when they already know what to expect from the interface and design. Rates and reviews High rates and reviews from your users will help your app to whip up to the first positions of the charts.

Kindly ask your audience to rate your app or to spend a few minutes writing a short review for your product. Providing them with additional value like unlocking new content or virtual lives will increase your chances to get quality feedback. Getting a good ranking in the app store will also pull your ranking up in mobile search. Yet another efficient-proven channel for user acquisition and driving app downloads are mobile advertising agencies.

The latest strengthen your brand awareness and do product promotion through mobile devices. The best thing about partnership with such companies is they assume all the promotion hassle and give you time for doing bona fide work on your app. Before contacting any mobile ad agencies, consider on your ads.

Creatives are the crucial part of your advertising campaign and a face of your brand. In case you are not willing to dwell on this stuff, ask your mobile ad agency to advice or create unique ads with high performance for your ad campaign specifically. The vast majority of ad agencies charge an additional fee for creating high-performing ads, but sometimes you can find a truly dedicated companies, who do it for free.

For instance, Epom Ad Agency have web designers team who builds banners, landing pages, native or other ad units for all types of products and brands. So getting a personal advertising account at Epom automatically opens access to hundreds of active apps.

Yes, partnership with mobile ad agencies costs money. On the other hand, you are paying for the real results: installs, users or in-app purchases whereas ad serving and tracking remain free of charge. Mobile App Marketing Companies.

See all mobile app marketing companies to find the best fit for your business. App review platforms are also good lead generators. They publish deep and entertaining reviews, feature key options and benefits of new apps. There are two most common ways of cooperation with such media. First, you send them an overview of your product with links to app stores and ask to write a review. In another case, they might include you to specific lists or ratings of similar apps if they have it.

Probably, media representatives will ask you to pay for the reviews and that is OK. Applying to tech blogs like Appadvice , Hongkiat or Thenextweb would definitely make a splash and bring on new users. Buildfire made a great list of sources to apply for a quality app review. Featuring an app release in social media will also help with bringing the first interested users. Social Media is great for catching up with your users, getting their feedback and rolling out important updates.

Do you already have business profile of your app in social media? If you are going to promote your app before the release you will definitely need a website or at least a landing page for highlighting the main news, app key features and capabilities.

And here you ask who and how would promote my app. Before posting your app on the stores, you should think where your project and business will be in 6, 12, or 24 months. It is necessary to have a distinct vision of your product so it could turn into a huge success. Although every mobile advertising campaign has different goals and conditions, there are still some common optimization approaches. The most important aspects of promotion are different advertising channels. App promotion means to know your target users.

When it comes to Android or iOS app promotion , it is better to trust specialists than to do some random actions. It is always better to double-check before launching your app. You have to be sure it will be successful, otherwise changing the situation for better after a big fail will be very complicated.

App promotion means to fight for the life of your app. The average amount of apps used by one person during the day is And if you would like your app to be among these apps, your strategy of promotion should be thought-out.

The developers and app marketers choose app promotion sites to develop their businesses. This step is key to the success of their app.

Without any doubt, iOS and Android app marketing have a range of advantages for your business:. The app promotion includes a range of aspects, from increasing the app downloads to the app optimization. The app downloads help to boost traffic to your app. You should know that most of the apps are rated and ranked by the number of downloads. So, app promotion means to increase the number of downloads, which, in turn, means to increase the rank of your app and yours, as a developer.

To promote Android or iOS app is very easy with the help of our services. Navigating our site and ordering services is very easy, you just choose the service you need and click on it. Everything takes just a couple of minutes. Once the procedure is completed on our site, you can enjoy the first benefits of your promotion.

We know exactly how to boost the number of your app downloads and increase your income along with that. Underestimating the necessity of app promotion can be fatal for your business. Investing in your business and your app means bringing it to the top positions in the search engines.

We know how to generate traffic to your app, more organic users, more downloads, and more income. Promote Your App. Dive into traffic with your iOS and Android apps! Choose the necessary package for your app promotion or ask live consultant.

Get the HQ services for your app and start seeing shiny results almost on the 3rd day of the promotion. Rise in top-charts and categories, see the unstoppable traffic growth for your application! Bring your app's data to the brand new level. We will analyze your competitive apps and compare the necessary metrics - after that, we will bring full-scope decision for reaching your desirable results: HQ Reviews from experienced app testers, high-retention app installs from targeted GEO and different ASO solutions.

We'll keep an eye on the data and pick up the best way for your app promotion. Improve your app from all sides. With our ASO solutions, you can improve your content part by optimizing your title, description and keywords. However, we can also improve your app logo, create HQ app video, analyze all parts of your application. We will think about your app, as if it is our own product therefore we will bring all solutions together to reach all your desirable results.

Rush in top charts rapidly. You will notice the progress with the first steps of while cooperating with us.

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